Monday, May 26, 2008

Watch Tommy Brinn

Nothing’s more insufferable than the ridiculous bragging that sometimes shows up on MLive, usually from wide-eyed underclassmen who thinks their older teammates walk on water. So it’s nice to know that in some programs, actions speak louder than words. Take the case of Otsego’s Tommy Brinn, one of the most exciting athletes on the scene this year, even though we’ve seen hardly a mention of him anywhere.

The junior was third last year in the D2 800, and showed he wants to step it up by entering the Shumake Invitational in Detroit to race Isaiah Ward, the reigning D1 king (and holder of a 1:52.21 indoors). Brinn won, 1:53.73 to 1:55.04. The real story, though, and what makes 800 fans look forward to future races, is the speed Brinn has been laying down. How about 22.46 FAT? Or 48.35—the state’s fastest legit one-lap this season? Or reported relay legs of 47.9 and 47.6? Not bad speed for someone who ran 17:25 at MIS last fall. All of that just might add up to a 1:50 or better… keep your eye on this one.

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