Monday, May 26, 2008

Regional heroes

Becca Addison keyed her Grand Haven team to a great performance. She ran 2:14 on their 4×8 (9:26), and then came back with a state-leading 4:55.1, followed by a 2:12.2… In D3, Amelia Bannister really is going for the unprecedented (?) 100/800 double. At regionals she won in 12.5 and 2:15.4… The Milford regional that I attended was just one of many that featured amazingly qualified officials. They moved the meet along quickly and fairly. They were really one of the highlights of the meet, along with getting gas for $3.89… Then this from Ryan Flanary at Carleton-Airport: “Here’s one for you. Lonnie Pugh, Grosse Ile, had his cast removed from his throwing hand a week and a half ago and threw 179-4 at the D2 regional (Livonia Ladywood). Anyone who has ever thrown will tell you that torn liagments in your wrist is the worst thing to happen to a thrower. His series included a 174+, 166+ and a 165+!!! And I would like to add he had a negative (approx. 9-10 mph) tailwind!!!!!!!!!!!! What a story, heh? And…. he has been throwing the shot left handed for about 4-5 weeks (he has thrown 46+ with his off arm). So, he decides to take his very first throw of the entire season with his right hand at Regionals and qualifies for the state meet with his very first throw. Crazy, one throw all season and it’s over the state qualifying mark!!!!! He ended up with 51+”

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