Saturday, May 31, 2008

More state tidbits

I'll have more stuff tomorrow--I'm exhausted and have to get to bed soon. But here's a few other things I have to note:
  • Great throws. I wish I had seen more. Andrew Evans captured the D1 discus on his last toss (180-8). Prior to that he and Quinn Dawson were tied at 175-6, with Dawson ahead on second-best throw.
  • Tia Brooks made the best of a tough situation. The state's list-leading discus thrower, she fouled out at regionals in that event. However she made up for it in the shot. Safely leading after three 45-footers, she popped a monstrous 48-0.5. That meet record--a PR by more than 2.5 feet--makes her the No.4 four thrower in state history.
  • Is D3 Albion's Amelia Bannister the first in state history to win a 100/800 double in the state finals? (Paging Jim Moyes!) Amazingly, her margin of victory in the 100 (0.23) was bigger than her margin in the 800 (0.19).
  • Yes, Detroit Mumford was going for the all-time state record of 7:40.68 (Saline 2004) when they ran 7:44.79 without close competition today. Their splits: George Jackson 1:55.6, Kris Washington 1:56.2, Shaka Dukes 1:58.5, Isaiah Ward 1:54.5. (Ward went out in 52.2--ouch!). Word is that the foursome may go after the 7:40 barrier at the Nike meet in two weeks.

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