Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brittani Williams wins D1 400

This was a notable race, because the negative nancies out there are hailing it as a crushing upset defeat of frosh phenom Dynasty McGee. Give it a rest. McGee is an incredible athlete with some great accomplishments behind her and more in the future. But she's still just a kid, and she's allowed to have a bad day now and then.

Give Williams her due. The Jackson program is getting very strong, and nearly pulled off a defeat of Ann Arbor Pioneer today. Williams is a very solid, confident sprinter. She told me, "I knew [McGee] would go out fast, so I didn't pay attention to her. I just ran my own race and tried to catch her at the end."

Williams later anchored the winning 4 x 400 in 55.4.

I should add that I also was thrilled to see Elise Glass win the 200. She's been a regular on the indoor circuit for years. She's worked hard for a long time, and was as shocked as anyone by the win. I love watching her stride--she sprints with an amazing exuberance. And in victory, she remained humble and graceful.

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