Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kendall Baisden national champ: 53.23!!

Stunning. Kendall Baisden, the 9th grader from Detroit Country Day, hammered the state record in the 400 by 1.35 seconds and destroyed the field at the National Scholastic Championships, clocking 53.23 to win by 0.87 seconds. If we get a video link on this we'll let you know. At this point, live coverage of the meet is being sold for $5 by the folks at

Just how good is 53.23? It makes her the No. 6 high schooler in U.S. history indoors (the record is 51.93). Only three Michiganders have ever done faster in college and beyond: Alexandria Sprueil, Janeen Jones, and Delisa Walton Floyd. It currently ranks her No. 51 on the world list and No. 21 in the United States (among adults). And it's frightfully close to her outdoor best, 53.05.

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