Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baisden stuns with oversized 53.99

Now we can put a bigger exclamation mark on my statement yesterday that Kendall Baisden is ready to take down some records. At yesterday's Rubber City Invitational in Akron, Baisden cruised around the monster 300m track in a blazing 53.99 for 400m. Put her on a regulation track, and she's surely ready to topple Jessica Jones' 54.79 state record. Baisden topped runner-up Dynasty McGee by 3.61 seconds, and also won the 60 with a state-leading 7.53.

It's a pity that Michigan athletes have to wait until Nationals to have access to a state-of-the-art 200m track such as the ones used in Boston and New York. On any size track, however, Baisden is only behind five other Michigan HS alumni, and two of them were Olympians.

Unfortunately, Dynasty McGee did not contest the jumps in Akron. It would have been great to see her confirm her Saginaw marks. Her sister China triple jumped, but fell more than four feet short of her Saginaw distance.

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