Monday, June 22, 2009

List mysteries - boys

Every year around this time, I go through the Michtrack lists with a fine-toothed comb and try to make sure I have grades for every athlete. I just finished with the boys. Here's who I am missing. Can anyone help fill in the blanks?

D’Angelo Stevenson (Kal Central) - SOLVED - Jr - Thanks, Dan
Derrick Neal (Detroit Cooley) - sprints
Ricco Hall (Wyoming Park) - sprints
Scott Hoffman (Detroit Catholic Central) - 800
Jack Friedel (RH Lutheran Northwest) - hurdles
Ryan McElyea (Flint Carman-Ainsworth) - hurdles
Dave Brown (Northville) - HJ
Marcus Harrell (Jackson)-- SOLVED - Mario, soph--thanks Goz
Casey O’Brien (Auburn Hills Avondale) - LJ

Girls to come in a few days...


Gozfather13 said...

For the Jackson guy, his name isn't Marcus, it's Mario and he is a hurdler, and he got 2nd in the conference(CAAC BLue) He is a long jumper, 300 hurdler, and he does 2 relays. He is also a sophmore going to be a junior.

DanWytko said...

D'Angelo Stevenson is a junior. He used to be one of my kids at PC. He was fortunate to be adopted and now lives with a great family. I am very happy for him.