Friday, May 15, 2009

Please DON'T send regional marks!

What's this? Hollobaugh's asking you not to send results?! That's because it's that one special time a year when virtually every athlete on the lists--as well as hundreds of others--will produce seasonal or lifetime bests. And I'll be drowning in a flood of amazing track results.

The only sane way for me to get through it (and it will take days--be patient!!) is for me to process complete regional results, one by one. So only send me the results if you are sending official results of the entire meet. They'll all be on the MHSAA site by Monday or Tuesday anyway, but getting some of them early will help.

However, I am anticipating throwing many of the regional sprint/hurdle/LJ marks on the wind-aided list. Let's not get too stoked about some of the 10.2s and 10.3s we might be seeing. Legal wind is 4.4 miles per hour. The weather reports for this evening in my part of the state are for winds 7-15mph, gusting to 21mph. And with Google Earth I can tell how the sprint straightaways are aimed at any track in the state (dang, I love technology sometimes!). So if you want to give me a heads-up on any crazy wind situations, or bad timing, please do so.

And coaches and athletes--good luck this weekend. I think it's going to be a great one.

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