Friday, May 15, 2009

Fire, Barbed Wire & Tacks

Whew! Three years of hard work and my novel is done: Fire, Barbed Wire & Tacks. The first thing my track buddies say is, "It's about running, right?"

Yes and no. It's about a runner in his last semester of high school. But he's no champion. And there are races in it, but they're not exactly triumphant celebrations of the human spirit, a la "Running Brave."

You see, someone has to be the guy who goes home without the medal. Perhaps I wrote that part from experience :) Anyway, it's a humorous novel about high school, and the things we dream about--we may not get what we want, but sometimes we learn some cool things along the way.

Here's the jacket blurb: "A victim of the barbarous social scene at Shiawassee High School, Riley Matthew dreams only of a normal home life, a decent mile race, and perhaps a date. Instead, Riley’s final semester is marked by a mom on the brink of a breakdown, a school stunned by the bloodthirsty Kult of Fatality, and a collection of the scariest misfits in the school: mutant halfwit wrestlers, jailbirds, emo porn girls, slashers... not to mention his usual assortment of geekish friends. Can he make it to the finish line in one piece?"

Available at click here.

Or if you see me in person anywhere, you can save yourself the shipping cost, and maybe get a snazzy, inspirational, signed copy.


Norm Zylstra said...


Which, if any, state meet will you be at? Will you have books with you?


Jeff Hollobaugh said...

At this point, I'm planning to be at D1. Thanks for your interest--I cna have books there if you'll be there.-J

William said...

Mr. Hollobaugh,

Just wanted to say, I've been a fan of your fictional writing since you read FBWT in creative writing in 2008. You probably don't remember me well at all, but I am proud to say I will be purchasing this book in the near future from amazon.

Bill Bretschneider
Class of 2008

Timmy T said...

Mr. Hollobaugh your book is truly awesome. I've read the book twice since the summer has started and I have recommended it to many of my associates. I also plan on reading it again soon. When you end up coming up with a sequel I want a copy. And just to say during my high school experience your class was one of my favorites.
Tim Thomas
Class of 2009
Pinckney Community High School