Friday, April 17, 2009

An everything update

After long silences on the blog, sometimes I am silent even longer because I can't decide where to start. Excuses? Recent news? A summary of Facebook status updates? Whatever. I've decided to put everything together in one nonsensical blog. Go:

Cliff's doing fine, surgery went well, he's at home and the recovery prognosis is great. Our best wishes to him and his family and all of his supporters in the Fremont running community... Early season track. Has anyone else realized that the massive changes and (some say) pending collapse of the newspaper industry as we know it means we're going to have a much harder time getting results of track meets around the state? Our coaches need to step it up. No longer is it fine just to fax results to the local paper. You need to get them online. Parents are going to demand it, especially when the local newspaper stops showing up on their porches...Zack Hill will probably be one of the big stories of the year. Last night he threw 62-5.25 and 174-8... I got my taxes done on 4/15. Whew!... At 201 pages and growing, the long-awaited history of the state XC finals is nearly here. This has been a pet project of mine for many years, and I am hoping to publish it in the summer. One of the highlights is that it will include complete team results from every state meet race ever, 1922 to the present. Still some holes to fill, however, and I am glad to get help. I don't have a detailed list of what I need at this point. However, if you have access to any official meet results prior to 1997, I would be thrilled to have a chance to look at them. Photocopies welcome. Scans can be emailed. If you have a decent digital camera, taking a high-resolution photo of the results and emailing me the pic would work. Contact me if you have info you think can help... Little noticed indoors, but Pioneer frosh Drake Johnson ran 8.49 for the 60 hurdles, a state freshman record. He's a prime candidate for the record outdoors, but we don't even have a record listed yet. Does anyone know of a sub 15-second FAT time in the hurdles for a 9th grader in this state?... The outdoor lists are going now, but the results flow has been thin. The newspaper websites are worse than ever at reporting times. The Grand Rapids area has been hit the hardest, and is hardly showing up on the lists at all. Help! ... And where did I go over spring break? Nowhere, but I entered uncharted territory by publishing my first novel, "Fire, Barbed Wire and Tacks." It will be available soon on For now, you can find out more if you check out the Facebook group, or visit

That's all for now.

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