Thursday, February 12, 2009

Great night for the weight throw at MSU

I'm glad to share this message from Ryan Flanary:
I am proud to report that the weight throw event in Michigan came into it's own Wednesday night at MSU. A record number of participants and some great performances were all a part of the nights success. First of all, I would like to commend the MSU coaching staff of John Newell and Walt Drenth for helping to create a fantastic atmosphere for the throws. Every time we go to MSU it's almost like a state meet in intensity and enthusiasm. There were two flights of competitors and it took 44 feet to place 7th in the boys division, a distance that well could have been first or second just a few short weeks ago!

Top 7 Results:
Boys 25#
Zack Hill (12) 59-5
Chris Hessell (12) 50-5
Austin Grant (10) 48-1 *new 10th grade record
Lee Vankampen (11) 46-3 *new 11th grade record
Tanner Hardester (12) 45-7
Alex Rose (12) 44-7
Matt Wilkenson(12) 44-0

Top 3 Results:
Girls 20#
Shana Flanary (10) 44-1
Lauren Steinhurst (11) 36-10 *new 11th grade record
Kayla Brindley (12) 35-1

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