Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday: Waits, Gall and Wade impress

Katie Waits (2:02.38) and Geena Gall (2:03.03) snagged 3rd and 4th to grab the last two qualifying spots in the 800 final. However, Becky Horn ran into trouble she didn't expect in the first semi. A massive pile-up knocked half the field to the ground. It looked from my vantage point as if Horn hit the ground first. She got up and finished 6th in 2:15.72. A flurry of activity at the protest table ended up letting Horn into the final on appeal.

The photo of the fall.

In the heptathlon, the key event for Bettie Wade would be the long jump, where she has a best over 20-4. Here she had trouble, jumping only 18-4.5. Her javelin was a decent 114-2, and her 800 was 2:22.24. She ended up in 9th place at 5723, just 15 points shy of her lifetime best.

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