Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A thanks to our officials

With the end of track season and the end of the school year, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and get too busy to give thanks. But think about it. All these track meets we get so excited about would not be possible without the officials. And too often we spend our time complaining about this official or that, or this DQ or whatever our beef is.

Officials are like car engines. We only talk about them when something goes wrong. However, we all know that without them this sport would be going nowhere. I was thinking about it last weekend on the way home from Rockford, after having a very enjoyable afternoon talking here and there with Brian Macumber, Wayne MacDonald, Rudy Godefroidt, and many others. And what strikes me the most is how much these officials love track, and want to see the sport continue to improve for the sake of the kids. The officials I know are some of the most progressive, forward-thinking minds in the sport.

So here's a thought. Now is the time for those end-of-season banquets where athletes often present gifts to their coaches. Consider a show of appreciation for your local officials as well. We'd be lost without them.

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