Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday: Cebulski in decathlon

Paul Terek might have scratched from the decathlon competition, but Joe Cebulski, a graduate of Grand Rapids Baptist, made it in. He has started out the day fairly well, with marks of 11.68, 21-6.75, and 44-2.

I'll have more updates tonight. The buzz is that we may likely see Tyson Gay run a world record in the 100m. This is the fastest "soft" track (ie. non-Mondo) that I have ever seen, and the sprint times so far have been stunning.

Today we'll also see Becky Breisch and Katie Corner in the discus, and Sherita Williams in the triple jump. It should be a good day.

We also can recommend the sourdough French toast at the Glenwood.

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