Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The national view on wind gauges

The continuing discussion on the need for more wind gauge use in Michigan has produced some interesting responses. This one come from Mike Kennedy, who has been one of Track & Field News' national high school editors for the last quarter century. As such he is regarded as one of the nation's top experts on high school track--as well as a key voice on what high school performances are deserving of national coverage.

You can add my vote to the List. For the last 26 years I have been the Girls High School Outdoor Editor for Track and Field News.

Please inform the powers that be that Michigan is in the minority when they do not require wind gauges at regional and State meets. Those states that do not use wind gauges are just depriving their athletes of recognition that they deserve. When compiling marks the marks are divided into two groups.

Those with legal (2.0 meters per second or under) go onto one list. The second list is made up of marks that are wind aided and marks that have no wind reading (NWI). It is latter category that is in question. When you do not have a wind gauge all marks are put in this second group.

As a result, athletes, who might well have wind legal marks, do not get credit or recognition for performance that they should get credit for. In the end it is the athlete who is punished for a performance that might well deserve proper recognition.

States such as Illinois, Indiana and Ohio (especially Ohio) do an outstanding job in providing wind information.

The Girls National 50 deep [list] I compile and the Boys National List compiled by Jack Shepard are divided in the manner described above. It should also been noted that the National High School Interscholastic Federation does require a wind gauge in use in order for record to be recognized.

Feel free to pass my comments on. Hope it helps.

Mike Kennedy
Women's Outdoor High School Editor
Track and Field News.

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