Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday: Michigan report

THE NOISE! The loudest noise I have heard in my life at a track meet erupted when Oregon's hometown favorites swept the men's 800m. Nick Symmonds, Andrew Wheating, and Christian Smith--all of whom train in Eugene, finished like maniacs in the last 100 and grabbed the three spots for Beijing.

In the women's 800, the crowded field of 12 (yes, MHSAA, more than 8 is considered too crowded for an 800 final) changed the nature of the race significantly. The athletes raced out much faster than usual so they wouldn't get buried in the pack. Katie Waits hit the 200 in 27.0, in third place. At 600m, however, Waits clocked 1:28.0 and visibly hit the wall. The team spots went to the athletes who could survive the anaerobic pain the best. Geena Gall finished 7th in 2:02.35 (0.11 slower than her PR), Becky Horn 8th in 2:03.87 (0.14 off her best), and Waits--who ran the brave race she had to run--faded to 9th in 2:04.60.

Nicole Bush looked great in breaking away from the pack in the steeple heats to run alongside Lyndsey Anderson in the lead, easily qualifying. She broke her own best time (and Michigan alumni record) with a 9:49.52.

Joe Cebulski stayed in the decathlon, despite no-heighting in the vault. He finished 18th with 6629 points.

Gwen Wentland leaped 5-11.5 to make the finals of the high jump.

Brian Richotte, a Royal Oak Shrine grad competing for Oregon, finished 16th in the hammer qualifying at 219-5. Lela Nelson leaped 20-1 in the long jump qualifying, missing the final by 9 inches. Mandi Zemba finished 10th and last in her 5000 heat at 16:15.72.

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