Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live from the Olympic Trials!

Starting Wednesday or Thursday, check in here regularly to get at least daily updates from the Olympic Trials. I'll be there helping Track & Field News cover the action. And because so many existing media outlets are going to be doing such a great job of covering the action on the track, that won't be my primary focus. Instead, you'll see me covering things from a Michigan angle, and presenting some of the stories that aren't fit for mainstream media, like "Will running on Pre's Trail help Hollobaugh's Achilles problem?" or "Can Hollobaugh break 7 minutes in the mile in the all-comers meet on the rest day?" or "Has Nike paid enough to put a swoosh on the Oregon state flag?"

In the meantime, the process of fine-tuning the Michigan high school lists continues, but you won't see any updates there until I get back. I do have the results of the USATF state JO meet, however. Be patient.

Speaking of catching up on things, who might be the Michtrack athlete of the year for 2008? On the girls' side, I think it's pretty clear. However, I don't yet see a dominating choice on the men's side...

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