Saturday, June 21, 2008

Help me with the mysteries of 2008

One of the goals I aim for in keeping my yearly lists is to save as complete as possible a record of what happened in track this year, for history's sake. Out of 3,000+ names on the lists, I have tracked down schools and grades for all but a handful. It's a grueling process, one that's helped along quite a bit by the Internet. I check results, local newspaper wesbites, school newsletters, and yes, students' MySpace pages. (Coaches, you'd be shocked at some of the school/legal violations some of your athletes broadcast!) However, I'm still missing details on a few names... Can anyone shed light on these people?

6.20 Derian DeFranco (Benton Harbor)
6.25 DeAngelo Bean (Fruitport)
6.28 Dante Williams (Lansing Sexton)
6.54 Eric Fahnenstiel (North Muskegon)?
11.11 Greg Turner (Battle Creek Central)?
11.12 D’angelo Stevenson (Portage Northern)?
14.9 Chris Stretton (Greenville)?
14-0 Aaron Moore (Kalkaska)?
21-11.5 Alex Robinson (?)
21-5 Kolin McClendon (Battle Creek Central)?
21-2 Ryan Lane (Flint Kearsley)?
21-1.75 Alex Eisenheimer (Alpena)?

60.88 Paige Patterson (Detroit MS?)?
12.86 Nicole Black (Detroit Ford)?
12.89 Christina Wade (Ann Arbor Pioneer)?
12.94 Kanisha Harris (St Joseph)?
26.14 Ang-Gaelle Renfro (Ann Arbor Pioneer)?
17-2.5 Jackie Coon (Linden)?

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